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May 19 admin

[ 2014 ]

A visual storytelling of numbing sorrow and paralysing frustration.

There comes a point where pain is not dramatic.

Not expressed through pulling hair or screaming or collapsing or crying.

There comes a point when pain looks almost like normality but nothing normal can be done.

This shoot began after a veryย painful event happened, leaving my heart feeling ravaged and raw. After a near-sleepless night I awoke to no relief from my turmoil. Although I’m a writer and my days revolve around words, when my heart experiences overwhelming angst, I vent it through photography. Generally self-portraits, like a visual journal entry.

Because words fail.

Nothing is strong enough.

Words can be manipulated. Pain can be seen through the eyes, the revealers of all.

And at some point, our pain can no longer go unnoticed.

My challenge to you is to spend some time with these photos. For once, don’t take art for face value. Don’t expect to get a quick fix. Look at these, at the strategic order of them, at the actions, the story it all tells. It might reveal something to you.

If you miss the beginning, click the dots at the bottom of the picture to go to the first one.

Tiny Hong Kong bedroom

Technical difficulties


The extras that didn’t make it into the final shoot: