Family (in light of Halloween)

Family (in light of Halloween)
October 19 admin

A story quickly written in the spooky mood of Halloween.



Itโ€™s too much, she thought numbly. How she was able to realize her intense, blazing emotion at the same time she could feel absolutely nothingโ€”no, more like beyond nothingยญโ€”was a mystery, but she was too blank to wonder much more about that.

All she knew was that she couldnโ€™t bear any more of this turmoil. Turmoil on the inside, turmoil on the outside. Here she was, an emotional paradox, and all those people were trying so hard to corner her and take her away from her best friendsโ€”people who were actually more like her family. They had never left her. They truly loved her.

And why did they want to take her away? To study her. She knew it.

โ€œI know Iโ€™m different!โ€ she yelled. โ€œDo you hear me? I know they want to understand. But they canโ€™t take me away. This is my home, and youโ€™re my family. All of you.โ€

She looked around. Just when she finally didnโ€™t feel alone anymore. She had worked so hard to get all of them in one place. At first it had been awkward, with getting to know each other from ground zero and such. But they quickly bonded. Finally she had people to talk to. Finally she felt at home.

โ€œBut not anymore,โ€ she growled. โ€œThey donโ€™t want me to be happy. I mean really, in all honesty, weโ€™re lucky they havenโ€™t found us yet. I guess itโ€™s only a matter of time, though.โ€ Her face suddenly changed and a massive grin spread from ear to ear. A loud, raucous laughโ€”cackle, ratherโ€”echoes into the cold air. No other laughs joined her.

โ€œThey canโ€™t take us,โ€ she cried, all evidence of the smile gone in a moment. โ€œThe only one who will take me is me.โ€ She lifted her eyes and inhaled deeply. โ€œI guess if thatโ€™s what it comes to, Iโ€™ll have to do it. What do you think?โ€


Her eyes blackened. โ€œAll right, then. See you all on the other side.โ€

The gun fired against her temple. Her head hit the dirty tiles. When the sharp crack of the bullet faded from the room, there was no more noise.

Two hours later, the police barged in and found seven dead bodies lying on the floor. Only one of them was fresh.