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Art Journaling. Antique Books. Repurposing. Upcycling. | Videmus Art. Syd Wachs.

Artjournaling is a very flexible art form, depending entirely on the creator. Its usefulness is growing in popularity, as visual accompaniments to script pitches, helping convey the mood of productions, art therapy, &c. The way I create an art journal is by using antique books, especially those with deteriorating or thin pages, rebinding them, and gluing pages together to make a thicker paper on which I paint. I use pages from other antique books, reading hundreds of pages and clipping phrases and paragraphs entirely at random with no connection to each other, and arranging them in a way that does, in fact, tell a story. I never plan out how it will look or what the words will convey at the end. It’s as much a surprise to me as it is to the viewer.

This particular book was published in 1925. The majority of pages are from other books, but some original contents I decided to keep as they jumped out at me as I was blankly skimming the pages.

2013 – present