Who is Videmus

Sydnie Wachs has been working in education, visual design, and marketing since 2008, beginning with the tourism and historic preservation industries. Using a strong foundation in the art of story, she has coached writers and artists in both Asia and America to think out-of-the-box in developing their careers. Working with people of countless demographics has propelled her to embrace creativity as the foundation of learning, as well as a crucial tool to transcend language and cultural barriers. A background in fine arts and writing has given her an interesting perspective in bringing into existence unique collaborations among talents and trades. Sydnie’s field of experience comprises primarily of management, public relations, and educational training.

After living in Hong Kong for nearly 4 years, Sydnie is currently based in Birmingham, Alabama, working as Educational and Project Coordinator for Academy of Media Arts and seeking to set up a US base for AMA there.

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